Paint Inspectors showing proper paint application We specialize in ensuring your
investments are protected.
DJ Powers
Paint Inspections
Inspection At Warehouse Paint inspectors Serving Western and Eastern Canada
for over 20 years.
DJ Powers
Paint Inspections
Team of engineers for new project Certified Coating and Paint Application Inspectors
Protecting your future plans.
DJ Powers
Paint Inspections

DJ Powers Paint Inspections

We are MPI certified and accredited paint inspectors, serving Western and Eastern Canada for over 20 years. We provide third party painting inspection services for residential buildings, commercial commercial buildings, light industrial operations, condos and townhouses. We use the latest equipment and processes to ensure your facilities and equipment are properly protected, meeting local building codes and industry standards.

Why Paint Inspectors?

Inspections are an important part of the planning, preparation and execution of any painting project. Implementing the proper products, surface preparation and application of coatings are essential to ensuring your coating protects and beautifies your assets for its expected lifespan. We offer written reports, audits, onsite inspections, paint management and drywall finishing inspections.



We offer paint and coating inspection services at every stage of the application process. From pre-application surveys to regular maintenance check ups to protect your investment for years to come.
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We work with a wide variety of organizations in residential, commercial and light industrial spaces including:
Schools, shopping centers, hospitals, parkades and many more.
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